Key English ## Where do the Apps in /e/ installer application come from? Apps available in the /e/ Installer are open source apps that you can find on Fdroid, and free Android apps, same as you can find on Google Play Store. The /e/ app installer relies on a third-party application repository called []( Some mobile web apps and progressive web apps (PWA) are also available through the /e/ application installer. ## Where is the source code base of the /e/ installer application? You can check the code here []( ## Is there an easy way to find if an application I want is available in the /e/ App Store ? You can search for the name of the application in the [Application Checker]( ## How can I request an application to be added to the library? Users can request a specific app to be listed by making a query directly in the /e/ application installer (**Settings** > **Request App**) ## What information is provided for each app within the /e/ application installer ? At the moment, each app features a Privacy rating. In the future, user rating and energy score will also be available. We will also provide classic user ratings to help user make a better choice Privacy ratings provide a list of trackers and requested permissions that come in as part of installing these apps (Note: those are computed by Exodus Privacy software). Energy rating will provide details of how much energy is consumed by the app to work. Please note some of these features are currently under development. ## How can I make sure apps in the installer are not tampered with but ‘original' Apps are checked either using a PGP signature check, or a checksum. In case you suspect an app to be tampered, we would request you to please report the same here <> and we will take appropriate action keeping you informed. ### Do the phones with /e/OS support fingerprint, banking apps and Android Auto? ### Would I still be able to use apps like Uber?
### Is there a away to use apps that I've purchased from the Google play store, or maybe have in app purchases? Most apps are compatible and work. We're working with microG's founder to improve the support and compatibility. You can check app availability [here]( You can see a list of what apps work and what do not [here](