Key English It appears that the boot.img is not always properly installed on some FP3 (/e/ pie version). It can lead to some error during updates. Apply the following step to fix it: 1. Download your /e/ version [](
1. Unzip the archive
1. Run the following script to resinstall properly all partitions, WITHOUT wiping data. ⚠️ Kindly run commands one by one and check for the result. If you faced an error, reboot to bootloader again and continue. ```
fastboot flash system_a system.img -S 522239K
fastboot flash boot_a boot.img
fastboot flash vendor_a vendor.img -S 522239K
fastboot flash product_a product.img -S 522239K
fastboot flash dtbo_a dtbo.img
fastboot flash vbmeta_a vbmeta.img fastboot flash system_b system.img -S 522239K
fastboot flash boot_b boot.img
fastboot flash vendor_b vendor.img -S 522239K
fastboot flash product_b product.img -S 522239K
fastboot flash dtbo_b dtbo.img
fastboot flash vbmeta_b vbmeta.img
1. Then run `fastboot reboot` to reboot your device on /e/.