Key English Chinese (Traditional)
sync_error_permissions_text Additional permissions required 需要額外的權限
sync_error_opentasks_too_old OpenTasks too old
sync_error_opentasks_required_version Required version: %1$s (currently %2$s)
sync_error_authentication_failed Authentication failed (check login credentials)
sync_error_io Network or I/O error – %s
sync_error_http_dav HTTP server error – %s
sync_error_local_storage Local storage error – %s
sync_error_retry Retry
sync_error_view_item View item
sync_invalid_contact Received invalid contact from server
sync_invalid_event Received invalid event from server
sync_invalid_task Received invalid task from server
sync_invalid_resources_ignoring Ignoring one or more invalid resources
certificate_notification_connection_security Account Manager: Connection security 客户经理: 連線安全性
trust_certificate_unknown_certificate_found Account Manager has encountered an unknown certificate. Do you want to trust it? 客户经理 發現未知的憑證,您要信任它嗎?
google_alert_title WARNING
google_alert_message /e/ will report a fake device model to Google to protect your privacy.
You can check which one on Google's Device Activity after you log in.