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about_build_date Compiled on %s
about_copyright © Ricki Hirner, Bernhard Stockmann (bitfire web engineering)
about_flavor_info This version is only eligible for distribution over Google Play.
about_libraries Libraries
about_license_info_no_warranty This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. 我們「完全不保證」本程式無瑕疵。這是個自由軟體,歡迎您在符合公用授權條款的情況下任意散布它。
about_version Version %1$s (%2$d)
account_caldav Calendar
account_calendar calendar
account_carddav Contacts
account_create_new_address_book Create new address book 建立新的通訊錄
account_create_new_calendar Create new calendar 建立新的行事曆
account_delete Delete account 刪除帳號
account_delete_confirmation_text All local copies of address books, calendars and task lists will be deleted. 這台裝置上這個帳號的通訊錄、行事曆和工作清單將被刪除。
account_delete_confirmation_title Really delete account? 真的要刪除帳號?
account_install_icsx5 Install ICSx⁵
account_list_empty Welcome to Account Manager!

You can add a Calendar/Contacts account now.
歡迎使用 客户经理!

您現在可以新增 CalDAV/CardDAV 帳號
account_list_no_internet No Internet connectivity. Android will not run synchronization.
account_name WebDAV
account_no_address_books There are no address books (yet).
account_no_calendars There are no calendars (yet).