Key English Estonian
applicationLabel Contacts Kontaktid
contactsList Contacts Kontaktid
shortcut_add_contact Add contact Kontakti lisamine
shortcutContact Contact Kontakt
shortcutDialContact Direct dial Otsevalimine
shortcutMessageContact Direct message Otsesõnum
shortcutActivityTitle Choose contact Kontakti valimine
contactInsertOrEditActivityTitle Add to contact Kontaktile lisamine
contactPickerActivityTitle Choose a contact Kontakti valimine
groupMemberPickerActivityTitle Select Valimine
header_entry_contact_list_adapter_header_title Create new contact Loo uus kontakt
searchHint Search contacts Otsige kontakte
menu_addStar Add to favorites Lisa lemmikutesse
menu_removeStar Remove from favorites Eemalda lemmikutest
description_action_menu_remove_star Removed from favorites Lemmikutest eemaldatud
description_action_menu_add_star Added to favorites Lemmikutesse lisatud
menu_editContact Edit Muuda
menu_deleteContact Delete Kustuta
menu_change_photo Change photo Foto vahetamine
menu_create_contact_shortcut Create shortcut Loo otsetee