Key English English (Canada)
app_name FM Radio FM Radio
toast_station_searched Searched out available stations: Searched out available stations:
toast_cannot_search Cannot search out available station. Cannot search out available station.
optmenu_speaker Speaker Speaker
optmenu_earphone Earphone Earphone
save Save Save
toast_sdcard_missing Your SD card is missing! Your SD card is missing!
toast_sdcard_insufficient_space Insufficient SD card space! Insufficient SD card space!
toast_recorder_internal_error An internal error occured in recorder! An internal error occurred in recorder!
btn_save_recording Save Save
btn_discard_recording Discard Discard
edit_recording_name_hint Type file name here Type file name here
already_exists already exists already exists
not_available Currently not available Currently not available
talk_prev_station Previous station Previous station
talk_decrease Decrease frequency Decrease frequency
talk_increase Increase frequency Increase frequency
talk_next_station Next station Next station
talk_add_favorite Add to favorite Add to favourite
talk_start_recording Start recording Start recording