Key English Croatian
style_global_entry_time Automatic (time of the day) Automatski (prema dobu dana)
style_global_entry_app Managed by %1$s Upravlja: %1$s
style_accent_title Accent color Naglašena boja
style_accent_configuration_not_supported The current accent isn't compatible with the selected style. In order to proceed another accent has to be selected, do you want to continue? Trenutna naglašena boja nije kompatibilna s odabranim stilom. Za nastavak morate odabrati neku drugu, želite li nastaviti?
style_accent_configuration_positive Proceed Nastavi
style_automagic_title Automagic Automagic
style_automagic_description Tune the style to match your wallpaper Podesite stil da se podudara s pozadinom
style_automagic_dialog_content Suggested style: <b>%1$s</b> with <b>%2$s</b> accent.
Do you want to apply it?
Preporučeni stil: <b>%1$s</b> s naglašenom bojom: <b>%2$s</b>.
Želite li to primijeniti?
style_automagic_dialog_positive Apply Primijeni
style_accent_default_name Default Zadano
style_permission_error Storage access permission is needed to analyze your wallpaper, please grant it to use this feature Potrebno je dopuštenje za pristup pohrani da bi se pozadina mogla analizirati. Molimo vas da je omogućite.
trust_title @*lineageos.platform:string/trust_feature_name