Key English Croatian
search_menu Search settings
channel_light_settings_name Light settings preview
live_display_reading_mode_title Reading mode
live_display_reading_mode_summary Grayscale mode for long-term reading
volume_panel_on_left_title Show panel on left
volume_panel_on_left_summary Display volume panel on the left side of the screen
status_bar_clock_show_seconds_title Show seconds
status_bar_clock_show_seconds_summary Show hours, minutes, and seconds
network_traffic_disabled_clock Network traffic disabled due to clock position
long_screen_settings_title Full screen apps
long_screen_settings_summary Force legacy apps to use full screen aspect ratio
touchscreen_gesture_one_finger_up_swipe_home_title Swipe up from the home button
style_dark_overlay_title Dark mode
style_dark_overlay_default Default
style_dark_overlay_black Black
trust_category_features Status
trust_feature_selinux SELinux
trust_feature_selinux_value_enforcing Enforcing
trust_feature_selinux_value_disabled Disabled
trust_feature_selinux_explain SELinux dictates what processes have access to which files/paths on your device.
This prevents apps and services from accessing files that they are not supposed to: this way a potential malicious process is limited, and your security preserved.