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lineageparts_title LineageOS Settings
search_menu Search settings
privacy_settings_category LineageOS
privacy_guard_switch_label Enable Privacy Guard
privacy_guard_dlg_title Enable Privacy Guard?
privacy_guard_dlg_text When Privacy Guard is enabled, the app will not be able to access personal data such as contacts, messages or call logs.
privacy_guard_dlg_system_app_text When enabling Privacy Guard for a built-in app, the app will not be able to access or provide personal data. This may cause other apps to misbehave.
privacy_guard_default_title Enabled by default
privacy_guard_manager_summary Manage which apps have access to your personal data
privacy_guard_reset_text Reset permissions?
privacy_guard_help_text In this screen you can choose which apps Privacy Guard should be active for by simply tapping on them. Selected apps will not be able to access your personal data such as contacts, messages or call logs. Long pressing an app's entry opens its app details screen.

Built-in apps are not shown by default but can be revealed by selecting the respective menu option.
channel_light_settings_id light_settings
channel_light_settings_name Light settings preview
edit_light_settings Edit light settings
pulse_speed_title Pulse length and speed
dialog_delete_message Remove selected item?
battery_light_brightness_normal @string/light_brightness_normal
battery_light_brightness_zen @string/light_brightness_zen
notification_light_brightness_normal @string/light_brightness_normal