Key English Swedish
battery_light_brightness_zen @string/light_brightness_zen
battery_light_full_color_title Fully charged Fulladdad
battery_light_list_title Colors Färger
battery_light_low_color_title Battery low Låg batterinivå
battery_light_medium_color_title Charging Laddar
battery_light_title Battery light Batteriljus
battery_low_pulse_title Pulse if battery low Pulsera vid låg batterinivå
brightness Brightness level Ljusstyrka
button_backlight_enabled Illuminate buttons Knappljus
button_backlight_only_when_pressed_title Illuminate buttons only when pressed
button_backlight_seekbar_title Button brightness
button_backlight_title Backlight Bakgrundsbelysning
button_pref_title Buttons Knappar
button_wake_title Wake device
camera_double_tap_power_gesture_desc Quickly open camera without unlocking your screen
camera_double_tap_power_gesture_title Press power button twice for camera
camera_launch_summary A longpress and release will launch camera
camera_launch_title Launch camera Starta kamera
camera_sleep_on_release_summary A half press will keep the screen on only while the button is held down
camera_sleep_on_release_title Screen peek