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dialog_delete_message Remove selected item? 移除选中的项目?
pulse_length_very_short Very short 很短
pulse_length_very_long Very long 很长
pulse_speed_very_fast Very fast 很快
live_display_color_profile_srgb_title sRGB sRGB
profile_remove_current_profile Cannot delete current profile! 不能删除当前的情景
ringtone_title Phone ringtone 来电铃声
alarm_volume_title Alarm 闹钟
network_traffic_mode_up Upload only 仅上载
network_traffic_show_units_summary Whether to show traffic measurement units in the statusbar 是否在状态栏中显示流量测量单位
contributors_cloud_fragment_title LineageOS Contributors LineageOS Contributors
style_automagic_title Automagic Automagic
trust_feature_security_patches_explain Security patches are released monthly by Google in cooperation with SoC vendors to address flaws which could be exploited by malicious apps to bypass security restrictions and cause permanent damage to your device. Patches made available by Google are applied every month on all supported devices, but patches to proprietary code can only be applied by your device's manufacturer. To keep your device safe make sure your LineageOS build is always up-to-date, and (if applicable) ensure your vendor image is updated to the latest one recommended by LineageOS. 安全补丁由 Google 和 SoC 厂商每月发布,用以修复可能会被恶意应用利用、绕过安全限制对你的设备造成暂时或永久损坏的缺陷。
平台补丁每个月都会统一更新,但厂商补丁只能每次从 OEM 取得。
要保证您的设备安全,请使用最新版本的 LineageOS。
trust_warnings_alerts_intro You can select the security issues you want to be warned about. For your safety, it is recommended to enable all alerts 您可以选择要警告的安全问题。但为了您的安全起见,建议启用所有警报。