Key English Ukrainian
app_name Apps
not_available N/A
not_available_full Not available
service_description This service is used by Apps to manage, download and install apps. Stopping it may cause app downloads to fail.
app_icon_content_description App icon
app_privacy_score_content_description App privacy score
app_rating_content_description App rating
action_install Install
action_cancel Cancel
action_installing Installing
featured Featured
state_installing Installing
action_update Update
action_update_all Update all
action_launch Open
app_ratings_title Ratings
app_privacy_score Privacy
app_privacy_description Score out of 10. Computed using <a href="">Exodus Privacy analyses</a>, based on permissions and trackers used in the app.
app_privacy_description_short Computed using <a href="">Exodus Privacy analyses</a>.
app_rating Rating