Key English Romanian
action_add_to_workspace Add to Home Screen
activity_not_found App isn't installed
add_widget Add Widget
app_name Bliss Launcher
app_suggestion APP SUGGESTIONS
cancel Cancel
choose_widget Choose widget
default_scroll_format Page %1$d of %2$d
display_category Display
dummy_weather_temp 36°
dummy_weather_temp_min_max 42° / 28°
edit Edit
explanation_access_to_appusage_is_not_enabled Enable appusage access to display app suggestions.
general_category General
icon_badging_service_title Show notification dots
icon_set Icon set image
icon_set_selection_get_more Get more…
ok ok
permdesc_install_shortcut Allows an app to add shortcuts without user intervention.
permdesc_uninstall_shortcut Allows an app to remove shortcuts without user intervention.