Key English Spanish (American)
foreground_notification_channel_name Alert Sync
foreground_notification_channel_description Foreground notification required for internal alert sync. Please mute
maximum_number_of_lines Max number of lines in event
preferences_alerts_custom_snooze_delay_title Ask for reminder snooze delay
preferences_alerts_custom_snooze_delay_summary_on Ask for snooze delay whenever snoozing reminders
preferences_alerts_custom_snooze_delay_summary_off Always use default snooze delay
snooze_delay_dialog_title Set snooze delay
preferences_default_snooze_delay_title Default snooze delay time
preferences_default_snooze_delay_dialog Default snooze delay
preferences_issues Report issues
source_code Source
gadget_title Calendar
do_not_check Do NOT check ->
recurrence_dialog_title Repeat
recurrence_dialog_title_never Never repeats
user_rejected_calendar_write_permission Etar requires calendar read and write permissions to work properly. Please try again.
calendar_permission_not_granted Sorry this feature can't work. Etar requires calendar read and write permissions to work properly
visibility_confidential Confidential
zero_minutes 0 minutes
fifteen_minutes 15 minutes