Key English Azerbaijani
failed_to_save_photo_raw Failed to save RAW photo
preference_timer_speak Voice timer countdown
preference_timer_speak_summary Speak the countdown for timer or repeat mode delay (from 60 seconds)
preference_touch_capture Touch to capture
preference_touch_capture_summary Take a photo just by touching or double-tapping the preview
preference_audio_control Audio control options
preference_audio_noise_control_sensitivity Audio control sensitivity
preference_audio_noise_control_sensitivity_summary Noise level sensitivity for audio (loud noise) option
preference_using_saf Use Storage Access Framework
preference_using_saf_summary Whether to use Storage Access Framework for saving photos and videos. This should be enabled to allow saving to external SD cards.
preference_save_zulu_time Time format for filename
preference_startup_focus Perform auto-focus on startup
preference_startup_focus_summary Whether to auto-focus when Camera is started. If you have the problem of flash turning on when starting, disable this option
preference_angle_highlight_color Angle/altitude highlight color
preference_angle_highlight_color_summary Highlight color for when camera is nearly level
preference_show_toasts Show on-screen messages
preference_show_toasts_summary Whether to display temporary on-screen info messages
preference_take_photo_border Show border when taking photo
preference_take_photo_border_summary Display a border on the display to indicate taking a photo
preference_keep_display_on_summary If enabled, the screen won't switch off while the main Camera UI is active Əgər işə salınsa, ekran sönməyəcək və proqram işlək qalacaq