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photo_mode_fast_burst []]]
preference_privacy_policy Privacy policy
preference_privacy_policy_summary Tap to display privacy policy
preference_privacy_policy_online Online privacy policy
speech_recognizer_extra_info (Your audio may be sent to remote
servers by Android to perform speech
preference_licence_online Online licences
preference_licence_online_text Please tap here for full online licensing information (opens in your browser).
preferences_app_info - Option to auto-stabilise
- Support for scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO etc.
- Timer (with optional voice countdown), auto-repeat mode
- Configurable volume keys and user interface
- Support for Camera2 API
- Panorama, including for front camera.
preference_video_jtvideo JTVideo
preference_video_jtlog JTLog
preference_video_jtlog2 JTLog2
preference_audio_noise_control_sensitivity_1 +1 +1
preference_audio_noise_control_sensitivity_2 +2 +2
preference_audio_noise_control_sensitivity_3 +3 (high sensitivity) +3 (alta sensibilidade)
preference_audio_noise_control_sensitivity_m1 -1 -1
preference_audio_noise_control_sensitivity_m2 -2 -2
preference_audio_noise_control_sensitivity_m3 -3 (low sensitivity) -3 (baixa sensibilidade)
preference_audio_noise_control_sensitivity_0 0 (default) 0 (predefinido)
preference_crop_guide_1 1 (1:1) 1 (1:1)
duration_1h 1 hour 1 hora