Key English Greek
changelog_recent_changes_title What's new
changelog_show_recent_changes Show recent changes when app was updated
changelog_snackbar_text Find out what's new in this release
search_everywhere_action Search everywhere
copy_subject_to_clipboard Subject text copied to clipboard
notification_channel_push_title Synchronize (Push)
notification_channel_push_description Displayed while waiting for new messages
global_settings_sent_sound_title Email sent sound
global_settings_sent_sound_summary Play a sound when an email is successfully sent
account_setup_auth_type_xoauth2 XOauth2 (Gmail, Outlook)
folder_settings_folder_push_mode_inherited Same as poll class
push_notification_state_initializing Initializing…
push_notification_state_listening Waiting for new emails
push_notification_state_wait_background_sync Sleeping until background sync is allowed
push_notification_state_wait_network Sleeping until network is available
push_notification_info Tap to learn more.
push_info_title Push Info
push_info_notification_explanation_text When using Push, K-9 Mail maintains a connection to the mail server. Android requires displaying an ongoing notification while the app is active in the background. %s
push_info_configure_notification_text However, Android also allows you to hide the notification.
push_info_learn_more_text Learn more