Key English Greek
show_starred_count_title Show starred count
remote_search_downloading_limited Fetching %1$d of %2$d results
reply_to_label Reply to
push_notification_state_initializing Initializing…
push_notification_state_listening Waiting for new emails
push_notification_state_wait_background_sync Sleeping until background sync is allowed
push_notification_state_wait_network Sleeping until network is available
push_notification_info Tap to learn more.
push_info_title Push Info
push_info_notification_explanation_text When using Push, K-9 Mail maintains a connection to the mail server. Android requires displaying an ongoing notification while the app is active in the background. %s
push_info_configure_notification_text However, Android also allows you to hide the notification.
push_info_learn_more_text Learn more
push_info_configure_notification_action Configure notification
push_info_disable_push_text If you don't need instant notifications about new messages, you should disable Push and use Polling. Polling checks for new mail at regular intervals and does not need the notification.
push_info_disable_push_action Disable Push
preferences_authors Authors
preferences_app_info_title Mail information
about_version_title Build Version
about_license_tab_title License
about_source_title Source Code