Key English Greek
account_settings_vibrate_pattern_1 Pattern 1 Τύπος 1
account_settings_vibrate_pattern_2 Pattern 2 Τύπος 2
account_settings_vibrate_pattern_3 Pattern 3 Τύπος 3
account_settings_vibrate_pattern_4 Pattern 4 Τύπος 4
account_settings_vibrate_pattern_5 Pattern 5 Τύπος 5
global_settings_sent_sound_summary Play a sound when an email is successfully sent
preferences_privacy_policy Privacy policy
reply_to_label Reply to
show_starred_count_title Show starred count
about_source_title Source Code
preferences_service_terms Terms of service
account_setup_basics_show_password_need_lock To view your password here, enable screen lock on this device.
account_setup_basics_show_password_biometrics_subtitle Unlock to view your password
account_setup_basics_show_password_biometrics_title Verify your identity
account_settings_vibrate_pattern_label Vibration pattern Τρόπος δόνησης
account_setup_auth_type_xoauth2 XOauth2 (Gmail, Outlook)