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about_action About About
about_fediverse_title Fediverse
about_libraries Libraries
about_license_tab_title License
about_project_title Open Source Project
about_source_title Source Code
about_title About Mail
about_twitter_title Twitter
about_version_title Build Version
about_website_title Website
ac_transfer_button_send Send Setup Message
ac_transfer_error_send An error occurred while sending the message. Please check your network connectivity and outgoing server configuration.
ac_transfer_finish To finish, open the message on your other device and enter the setup code.
ac_transfer_generating Generating setup message…
ac_transfer_intro An Autocrypt Setup Message securely shares your end-to-end setup with other devices.
ac_transfer_msg_body This message contains all information to transfer your Autocrypt settings along with your secret key securely from your original device. To set up your new device for Autocrypt, please follow the instructions that should be presented by your new device. You can keep this message and use it as a backup for your secret key. If you want to do this, you should write down the password and store it securely.
ac_transfer_msg_subject Autocrypt Setup Message
ac_transfer_sending_to Sending message to:
ac_transfer_setting_summary Securely share end-to-end setup with other devices
ac_transfer_setting_title Send Autocrypt Setup Message