Key English Esperanto
about_android_support_license Apache License 2.0, The Android Open Source Project
about_android_support_v4 v4 Support Library
about_android_support_v7_appcompat v7 appcompat Support Library
about_android_support_v7_preference v7 preference Support Library
about_default_license All rights reserved.
about_name_version_str %1$s %2$s
about_root_libraries Included libraries
about_root_summary Summary
about_root_title microG UI Demo
about_root_version Version v0.1.0
about_version_str Version %1$s
lib_license Apache License 2.0, microG Team
lib_name microG UI Tools
prefcat_setup Setup
self_check_cat_permissions Permissions granted
self_check_desc Check if the system is correctly set up to use microG.
self_check_name_permission Permission to %1$s:
self_check_resolution_permission Touch here to grant permission to %1$s. Not granting the permission can result in misbehaving applications.
self_check_title Self-Check