Key English Bulgarian
settings_password_unchanged Password (not changed)
settings_password_check_description Displays whether the credentials are correct.
settings_note_mode Display mode for notes
settings_theme_title Dark theme
settings_font_title Monospace font
settings_font_size Font size
settings_wifi_only Sync only on Wi-Fi
settings_cert_category Manage certificates
settings_cert_trust_system Trust system certificates
settings_cert_trust_system_on System and user-added CAs will be trusted (recommended)
settings_cert_trust_system_off System and user-added CAs won't be trusted
settings_cert_reset Reset (un)trusted certificates
settings_cert_reset_summary Resets trust of all custom certificates
settings_cert_reset_toast All custom certificates have been cleared
certificate_notification_connection_security Notes - Connection security
trust_certificate_unknown_certificate_found Notes has encountered an unknown certificate. Do you want to trust it?
error_json is the Notes app activated on the server?
error_sync_disabled Sync has been disabled for this account
about_source This project is hosted on GitHub: <a href=%1$s>%1$s</a>
about_issues_title Issues