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about_issues You can report bugs, enhancement proposals and feature requests at the GitHub issue tracker: <a href=%1$s>%1$s</a>
about_icons_disclaimer <p>Original icon made by %1$s</p><p>All further icons used by this app are <a href=>Material Design Icons</a> made by Google Inc. and licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.</p>
about_credits_tab_title Credits
widget_note_list_title Note list
widget_note_list_placeholder No notes
widget_single_note_placeholder_tv Note not found
widget_create_note Create Note
widget_not_logged_in Please login to Notes before using this widget
widget_entry_fav_contentDescription Star icon is used to denote an item as a favourite
widget_app_launcher_contentDescription Launches app
activity_select_single_note Select note
shortcut_create_long Create a new note
pref_value_theme_light Light
pref_value_theme_dark Dark
pref_value_font_normal Normal
pref_value_wifi_and_mobile Sync on Wi-Fi and mobile data
simple_error Error
simple_close Close
simple_copy Copy
simple_exception Exception