Key English Bulgarian
widget_single_note_placeholder_tv Note not found
widget_note_list_title Note list
widget_note_list_placeholder No notes
widget_not_logged_in Please login to Notes before using this widget
widget_entry_fav_contentDescription Star icon is used to denote an item as a favourite
widget_create_note Create Note
widget_app_launcher_contentDescription Launches app
trust_certificate_unknown_certificate_found Notes has encountered an unknown certificate. Do you want to trust it?
sso_announcment_understood Understood
sso_announcment_title Single-Sign-On
sso_announcment_more_info More information
sso_announcment_message The Notes app will beginning with the next major version use the great Single-Sign-On-Feature of Nextcloud. This will increase the security, reliability and comfort for you. Please make sure, you have installed at least version 3.8.0 of the files app and select at the first run the same account which you are already using.
simple_link Link
simple_italic Italic
simple_exception Exception
simple_error Error
simple_copy Copy
simple_close Close
simple_bold Bold
shortcut_create_long Create a new note