Key English Bulgarian
error_sync_disabled Sync has been disabled for this account
fallback_weblogin_back Back
fallback_weblogin_text Revert to old login method
label_all_notes All notes
label_favorites Favorites
listview_updated_last_month Last month
listview_updated_last_week Last week
login_with_e_account Login with an /e/ account
menu_change_category Category
note_has_been_deleted This note has been deleted
pin_to_homescreen Pin to homescreen
pref_value_font_normal Normal
pref_value_theme_dark Dark
pref_value_theme_light Light
pref_value_wifi_and_mobile Sync on Wi-Fi and mobile data
preferences_about_app Notes is forked from Nextcloud Notes
preferences_app_info -List, create, edit, share, search and delete notes
-Share text and links as new note into the app
-Mark notes as favorite
-Bulk delete
-Render MarkDown
-Translated in many languages
preferences_app_info_title Notes information
preferences_authors Authors
preferences_privacy_policy Privacy policy