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preferences_app_info -List, create, edit, share, search and delete notes
-Share text and links as new note into the app
-Mark notes as favorite
-Bulk delete
-Render MarkDown
-Translated in many languages
about_app_icon_author <a href=>Jan C. Borchardt</a> (<a href=>GitHub</a>)
about_maintainer <a href=>Niedermann IT-Dienstleistungen</a>
about_icons_disclaimer <p>Original icon made by %1$s</p><p>All further icons used by this app are <a href=>Material Design Icons</a> made by Google Inc. and licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.</p> <p>Hecho originalmente por %1$s< /p><p>El resto de los íconos usados por esta aplicación son <a href="">Material Design Icons</a> hechos por Google Inc. y licenciados bajo la Licencia Apache2.0. </p>
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